10 years ago Facebook was barely letting people use it for business and Instagram wasn’t even born yet. Heck, only 5 years ago did Pinterest drop the “invite only” act and open its doors to everyone!

Now more than EVER marketing is all about the right design.

It’s 2017 and billboards won’t cut it. Your audience is active on social media, and faced everyday
with crappy clickbait and animated gifs that only 5 people can trace back to its origin.
You need to find a way to authentically stand out in this digital world.

That’s why I am excited to announce the grand opening of
Dual Arrow Marketing + Design!

I am in love with the ever evolving world of marketing. I have highlighted my copy of Jab Jab Right Hook and followed MarieTV since her backdrop was a brick wall. I know the ins and outs of reaching people, but marketing and design are not separate - I can get your business in front of the right people with the right message, but bad design can stop any sale before you even get to the pitch.

If you are posting every day and seeing zero engagement, it's time. If you have no clue what to say on Facebook it's time. If you still don't know what a hashtag is, it's definitely time. Learn the skills you need with my modern marketing guides.

If any part of your design makes you cringe, it’s time. If you got that image off Google, it’s time. If your instagram feed is full of quotes, honey it’s not time - it’s overdue.  Your brand needs a new look online, and Dual Arrow Marketing + Design is here to help.