Squarespace SEO and SEO website design for chef val of Eat It Up Catering in Fresno, California

Rebecca built a gorgeous website for my business. Not only is the site aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but she also added her SEO expertise, which is something I really did not expect. I am getting some excellent quality leads for my business and within the first week of going live, has paid for her services and then some!

Rebecca is very professional, and got the job done in a very timely manner. She also provided training as on how to update the site with new information and pictures. Needless to say, I am very pleased with my decision to hire Rebecca to build my website, and highly recommend her!

- Valerie Azadian, Eat It Up Catering

Lauren Blomberg and her review of Dual Arrow Marketing and Design, a website design company based in SLO that specializes in online marketing and social media advertsing.

Rebecca is exactly the professional I needed, and I would highly recommend her services. From her insightful and easy to use guides, to her dedication to your project, and her infectious energy and charisma during the critical early phases of your project, you just can't go wrong when working with this amazing lady!

- Lauren B, SLO MakerSpace

Rick Stollmeyer, CEO of MINDBODY Inc. and his review of Rebecca Harpain, proud owner of Dual Arrow Marketing & Deisgn, a website design company and social media marketing company based in San Luis Obispo

Rebecca played a huge roll in MINDBODY's accelerating growth. She expertly managed our paid search advertising budget of over $100k per month. 

- Rick Stollmeyer; CEO of MINDBODY, Inc.